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Truck bed fishing pole rack

I bought two of the Brocraft rod holders for two of my work trucks. I wasn't to excited about the price tag at $105.99 on Amazon. But they looked sturdier than the other options I found online. The other local stores only had racks for the house or for the inside of an SUV.

I also like that it could be vertical or horizontal. The main parts are machined aluminum with stainless hardware. The black parts are some sort of high density plastic or polymer. They are surprisingly stiff and seem durable for their size. The shock cord is also thicker than expected. Working near the Atlantic Ocean frequently I was worried how it would hold up in salt air and strong sun. After 3 months on the trucks I have not noticed any degradation, or oxidation in the materials.

I have had it full of rods going down the highway and stop and go traffic in the city with no issues. The rods have always stayed exactly where I put them. Because it's two seperate pieces it can also fit on a long bed or short bed truck. The screw clamp has also stayed put the entire time. I still check it regularly but it hasn't worked itself loose yet. I also am able to leave my Chinese finger trap rod sleeves on the pole. I haven't tried it with the neoprene sleeves yet but I don't see why it wouldn't fit.

In short it's a bit pricey but way more convenient than having them bang around the truck bed or getting stuffed in the truck. Saving my poles from damage and keeping it organized.

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